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TJM considers this the most important part of our relationship. Our clients do not want to be kept in the dark and do not want to be caught off guard when it comes to expenses or charges. We pride ourselves in our consistent and frequent communication with our clients. In addition to our monthly statements, we e-mail and call our clients if the need arises to bring them up to date on something affecting their property.

  • Monthly Management Statements – Each month, on or around the 15th of the month, we mail out a statement detailing the income and expenses affecting the property. Included with this statement is the original copy of any invoices or work orders that are deducted from the property’s income. If the client has not chosen to use our Direct Deposit service, we enclose a check for the “owner’s draw” for that month. Detailed explanations are included for any and all deductions that require it.
  • State of the Art Property Management Software – TJM Realty Group uses the “Yardi” Property Management Software, the leader in the industry. This insures our clients the most accurate and up to date reporting on their properties. It also streamlines the year end reporting and distribution of #1099’s.
  • Direct Deposit of our Client’s Funds – TJM offers our clients the ability to have their monthly payments direct deposited into their bank accounts. TJM recently partnered with PayLease Corporation to make this possible. There is no charge to our clients for this service, and it insures that the funds are available for their use within a few business days. No lost checks, no driving to the bank to make the deposit, and no waiting on the check to arrive in the mail. Just peace of mind that the funds are safely in the client’s account.
  • Periodic Client Newsletters – TJM periodically sends out clients newsletters that contain observations about our rental market. This includes news about new businesses and industry that are relocating to this area; information about trends in rental rates; outlooks for the coming months, etc. Our President & Broker, Joan Blankenship details all of these things for our clients so they are fully informed about the market and how it might affect their investment property.

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